Artist Statement & Exhibits

Pop-Art Painting Process

The inspiration behind Morico’s pop-art, is a connection of how iconic images touch our lives. The nostalgia of his childhood, has always fascinated him how items we read, buy or eat, play the mood of our existence. A simple glass of orange juice, gives you a burst of energy, the sweetness of Twizzlers really makes mouths smile. These images of past icons, show the behaviors and communications that relate to all of us. The compositions of his work are layered with paper collages, (from old magazines) paint, spray paint and hand-written pencils to create depth and varying textures.

Many corporations have commissioned him: CBS, TV network (executive offices), JP Morgan, Yale New Haven Hospital, a variety of murals for a public company, and numerous private collectors have purchased Morico’s paintings world-wide. Galleries from Boston to the U.K. show his work.

Abstract Painting Process

Most paintings have a build-up of layers using different mixed mediums such as: resins, molding
paste, wood, sand, paper and canvases. The paintings consist of brush and palette knifes.
Sometimes I use my hands spreading the paint throughout the canvas. By doing this, I put all
my energy into the painting and at that moment I’m living in the painting.

Most of the paintings, consist of positive energy where I create non-representational images of
“Glimpses”, that are based on landscapes or the second of what we see. Others represent the
calmness of our surroundings I feel this is something we tend to miss with our fast pace society.
The viewer sees images or senses a certain familiar feeling that they can relate to. Once that
connection is made, I, the artist have made my accomplishment and they call me the “colorist”.


2017 – Present, The White Room, Gallery, Bridgehampton, NY

2017 , Chase Edward Gallery, Bridgehampton, NY

2016 – Present, Newbury Fine Art, Boston, Mass

2015 -Present, Love Art Gallery, Norwalk, CT

2016 – Present, Lillian August, Norwalk & Greenwich, CT

2016 – Greenwich Art Gala, Greenwich, CT

2014 – Present, CSM Art, Chatham, NJ

2014 – Present, Turner Barnes Gallery, Chelmsford, UK

2013 – Present, Uprise Art Gallery,  New York City

2013 – Present, Friedman Fine Arts, New York

2014-2015, Christopher Robert Gallery, Norwalk, CT

2014-2015 Anam Cara Gallery, Greenwich, CT

2013, Group Show, Ogilvy & Mather, New York City

2013, Solo Show, “A Lost Era”,  Norwalk, CT

2012, The Drawing Room, Greenwich, CT

2011, Contemporary Art Fair,  New York City

2011, Red Dot,  New York City

2011, International Art Fair (Art Expo),   New York City

2011, SPAG Artist Guild Show, Open Access,  Norwalk, CT

2011, SPAG Artist Guild Show, Assorted Pairs, Norwalk, CT

2010, SPAG Artist Guild Show, Full House, Norwalk, CT

2010-Present, Editions Limited, Emeryville, California

2009-2011, The Wit Gallery, Lenox, MA

2008-Present, Franklin Barry Gallery, Indianapolis, IN

2009-Present, Embler Art Gallery, Blairsville, GA

2009-Present, American Airlines Admirals Clubs — New York and Miami

2009-Present, Michael Ingbar Gallery, New York, New York

2008-2010, The Fine Art Source, Fishers, Indiana

2009, Haviland Street Gallery, Norwalk, CT (Group Show)

2008, SPAG Group Show, Norwalk, CT

2008-2011 Galerie Zama,Greenwich, CT

2008, The Art Source — Dubai, UAE

2007, International Art Fair (Art Expo). Las Vegas, NV (Solo Exhibit)

2007, International Art Fair (Art Expo), New York City (Solo Exhibit)

2006, Georg Jensen sponsors David Morico for “Art on the Ave”, Greenwich, CT

2004, Willoughby Wallace, Stoney Creek, CT

2004, The Carriage Barn, New Cannan, CT

2003, Labriola Gallery, Stamford, CT

1996, Small Space Gallery, New Haven, CT

1995, Clarie’s Corner Copia, New Haven, CT

1994, Bohemia, New Haven, CT

1993, Tower One, Tower East, New Haven, CT

My art is in private collections worldwide.